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Wayne De Vecchi



Hailing from San Francisco, California, extraordinary Progressive Rock / Metal drummer Wayne De Vecchi is now taking the world by storm with his new Prog-Metal Band Doom Society. Resembling everything from the sounds of Slayer to Dream Theater to Pantera, this double kicking Madman has manifested himself into the Real Deal that a lot of other Bay Area Thrashers are now looking to for influence.


Now 31 years young Wayne has literally been leaving a trail of sawdust behind himself for the last 13 years. Most of those years spent pioneering new metal sounds as founding member of Purgatory. Treading in the wake of other Bay Area Bands such as Metallica, Testament, Exodus, and Violence, the metal sceene was in need of something new and fresh. Alas Doom Society!


Wayne currently employs Premier shells, Sabian Cymbals, DW Pedals, Attack Heads, Electro Voice Monitors, U.S. Army Bomb Shells, and last but not least, Promark wood stock.


Enjoying great success from Doom Societys debut E.P. release, and having just finished recording Doom Societys full-length album Lost Souls, Wayne is set to tear the world apart in 2003.