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Frank, Jason, Erin, & Wiggins burn the house down at Bone Bash 3




We live in a Doom Society, Pope Says

(Catholic World News Vatican Update 06/29/1998)


When The Captain from Gullivers Travels always made the statement "We're doomed, We'll never make it!" you could bet that if nothing else, the plot would not only thicken, but there would surely be an interesting and perhaps even unprecedented event to follow. Ironically, although most of us were probably convinced that The Captain was probably right, his prediction would always turn out being false.


Such was the case when Mike Walish, after years of hashing it out in the Bay Area Heavy Metal scene, decided to start up yet another metal act at a time when experts were giving the message that it wasn't commercially viable nor smart to do so.  In fact, having lived through all of the horror stories you would probably only read about in the news (or see in band bios on VH1's "Behind the Music") Mike thought it was perhaps time to abandon this pipe dream of having any degree of commercial success in the metal scene. Instead, Mike figured it was time to simply play metal for music's sake alone.  


Mike, (better known as Wiggins) having enjoyed some degree of success as lead singer and front man for metal band Hellhound, took up guitar and joined forces with former band mate from singing days, drummer Wayne DeVecchi.  DeVecchi, viewed by many as "The man who needs to be put in a straight jacket" in characterizing his maniacal drum dexterity, agreed with Wiggins that "No-Holds Barred" progressive metal was in order, regardless of what anyone thought!


After many months of sifting through various California guitarists, they happened upon guitarist Frank Hernandez, formerly of "Grind". Wayne and Wiggins were blown away by the different approaches and original ideas Frankie Brought to the table. The nucleus of a great band started to form as the styles and tones of the two guitarists contrasted extremely well against each other, and subsequently a wellspring had begun to errupt and a bunch of great material started to develop.


Even though it had appeared that metal had died altogether, the three set out playing instrumentally as an opening act at various Northern California venues. The immediate reaction perpetuated an enthusiasm and it became clearly obvious that the band owed it not only to themselves, but also to this fan base as well, to complete itself and evolve.


The need to have a bass player and vocalist was prevalent, and the tedious task of looking for fresh talent with metal genes had begun.


After combing the scene for a vocalist the band landed Jason Bunnell previously of band "Rapid Fire". Bunnell, having screamed to the likes of Rob Halford, and having the ability to grind his voice akin to that of Pantera's Phil Anselmo, brought a sound to the band that they could only have dreamed of.


Finally, having gone through three bass players in as many years, the band took up kin with Frank's previous bass-man from "Grind" Erin Fyfe. The addition of Erin's imaginative and technical prowess, along with the chemistry forged by years of playing with former band mate Frank, brought closure to the bands lineup at last. Doom Society was complete resulting in an original metal genre with a dark, progressive style that covers everything from slow and melodic textures, to the heaviest mosh-pit mayhem.


With the passing of time, and the evolution of the creation of Doom Society, the music world has yet again turned another corner. In the 90s with the dilution of Metal by the Grunge Era and moving on to the Woman / Lilith Era, and even further to the Boy-Band and Pop Era's...Metal has survived, and the truest form of Heavy Metal resurgence is on!  


Presently, no longer drowning in a cesspool of mediocre alternative bands, Doom Society is now kickin' ass and takin' names, and is aggressively pursuing its new goal of a U.S. tour and extending to Europe and beyond.


Whoever you are, whether you like us or hate us, one thing is for certain...

You will surely know us!